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cold heart baby;

[It was simultaneously the best morning and the worst morning.

Very, very, very few mornings were started with the attractive Saika Magoichi in Ieyasu's bed, after all. He would imagine that even fewer were accented with memories of the night before that simultaneously made him red and rather satisfied. In all honesty, he had a rather fantastic start to the morning and it really was hard to argue that it could be anything but a wonderful day-

Until he realized just how drunk they were, considering how despite everything, there was still a slight pounding in his head. It was probably a bad decision in most views. And Saika Magoichi probably did not not appreciate it when she made a bad decision.

First he thought it was in his best interest to get away as fast as possible- until he realized that they had gone back to his apartment.

Why had they gone back to his apartment?

He nearly cried at the realization and found that really? He lacked options. He lacked options besides hopefully appeasing her by the time she woke up so that he would not end up on the Missing Persons List.

First, he got up and put some pants on. However before he left the bedroom, he carefully and quietly folded her discarded clothes (not without blushing again, of course) as well as leaving a bathrobe and towel to the side should she wish for a shower in the morning.

... good start.

Yet he still seemed to be hard at work now as the stove prepared pancakes just as he stared into the fridge, wondering exactly what topping he should put on it.

Strawberries? Whipped cream?

... was he drunk enough to have suggested using those last night or were they safe?

.... it was such a desperate situation that he couldn't help but wonder if a fair solution would be to just get the both of them drunk again.]
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cuddle meme contd.

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cuddle choices:
① Sweet dreams It's been a long day and all you want to do is sleep or just rest your eyes for a bit. Hopefully whoever is close by doesn't mind if you use them as a blanket.
② Stormy weather The heavy rain, thunder and lightning won't be letting up anytime soon. Luckily, it's the perfect weather to stay indoors and snuggle up close and keep warm.
③ Lazy dancer It's the end of a party, or maybe it's only the two of you, but the tempo is slow and the lights are low. Let your dance partner take the weight and just sway.
④ Surprise attack Time to invade someone's personal space. Are they working too much and need a distraction? Maybe you just wanted to brighten their day. Either way, they won't see it coming.
⑤ Movie night It can be on the sofa or in a darkened theater, but you've got your popcorn and someone to settle against during your favorite movie.
⑥ I love you, man It's totally platonic, really. You're just very good friends, no matter what people like to think. But you just love your friend so much you want to hug them, whether they like it or not.
⑦ Jeepers creepers Welp. You were just frightened. Was it a spider in the washroom, a ghost in the attic, a bad dream? Either way, you're looking for someone to cling to right now, and who better than that person right there?
⑧ Hurt and comfort Whether you're sick in bed, just been dumped or suffered a traumatic event, you need someone to wrap their arms around you and make everything go away.
⑨ Sunday morning Maybe you just had a wild night. Maybe there’s just not enough space at your place and you need to share your bed. Or maybe you just got really tired and someone else happened to be there. Doesn't matter because now the person with you looks way more comfortable than any blanket or pillow. Drape to your heart’s content.
⑩ Moment after You just had incredible, vigorous sex (playing out is totally optional) and if you weren't a cuddler before, you are now. You're probably too exhausted to do anything else anyway. Just enjoy the moment.
⑪ Ménage à trois Or four, or five. Get a group and cuddle away.
⑫ Player's choice Pick one or make up your own!

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What was that, Miss Mundane? You wish me to report upon a... a matter of the heart?! Oh well, I've heard so much of these two in particular - your friends are they not? - and you so rarely ask anything of me that I certainly see no reason not to accept! My my, where do I begin?

Well, perhaps I should start with this 'ship' in particular. (Oh, but you do pick the strangest terms. They're hardly going sailing or anything of that sort. Ah, but I digress.)

Su... Tsu... Nder.... Shipe....

Miss Mundane, this name is foreign and I don't believe I quite understand how to say it. However from what I understand, it is a term that means a mix of hot and cold, a mix of kindness and reprimandment, a mix of adoration and resentment--! Oh, and what a mix indeed! Certainly they are a very... energetic bunch, fervent in all things, but most of all the undoubtable passion that lies beneath their everyday interactions!

What was the term? O-Oh--! "So canon!"

Did I use it properly? Well nonetheless, it certainly sounds like such an interesting pair. Miss Shari, who you claim to be the utter representation of elegance itself- though she does have a few... uncouth moments, you say? Although I see no reason to find anything dirty with the utterance of "That's what she said". What if she truly did say it? Is that not the simplest way to tell a story?

Ah, but Mis/ter Asa himself... Would you say that's an appropriate way to address him? You are so ungiving with information as to what pronoun he would prefer! So I suppose I simply must pick the one that is the most... orthodox. Perhaps (s)he will not mind? However if he and Miss Shari do have such similar thoughts, then it may just very well be fated that they get along so well, to the point where they have... "double rainbow make-outs"? What might those b--

... Miss Mundane! Th-that's not a topic that I deign to elaborate upon!

But... if the fires of their passion do burn so brightly... A-ahhh, how romantic! In a public setting as well? This "chat" of yours is, to clarify? Oh goodness! Public displays of affection so readily performed in the middle of an apparently willing audience! That's so scandalous and so dangerous and-- it must be so exhilirating!

Now just imagine, in a few years, they may have that "geek wedding" that you spoke so much about! Wouldn't that be lovely? A wedding catered to their interests and--!

Well... I don't particularly understand these interests so I'm not sure if I may elaborate any further. How saddening!

-- Eh? What do you mean "that enough in general"? Miss Mundane, I wasn't finished! I care not for your character count nor if you claim that they will "murder you" for this "already lengthy post" which is not lengthy at all! That's not fa--